Daily skin care is essential to having flawless and fresh-feeling natural skin. To have that inner-radiance glow through your skin, it’s important to find the proper products and create a routine that works for your specific skin type. Detailed below are a few suggestions along with info on my inexpensive daily skin routine.

The first place to start on the journey to healthy skin is determining what type of skin you have. Skin types are key in product selection. Your skin regimen should be tailored to whether you have oily or dry skin. I have dry skin therefore I choose items to hydrate and soften my skin; starting with water! Water is the fundamental ingredient to hydrated and healthy skin as it clears away waste and impurities.

The face wash I currently use is Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. I prefer to use a cleanser that makes me “feel the clean” and this cleanser does just that. It’s important to switch cleansers every now and then as your skin can become use to the formula and it can no longer be as effective. The right cleanser is the basis for the routine.

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The next step is exfoliation. Gently removing dead/dry skin to ensure fresh new skin is at the surface is vital to having radiant skin. Not all exfoliants should be used daily. Personally, I incorporate St Ives Rise and Energize Coconut and Coffee scrub in my routine about 2-3 days out of the week.


Last, but not least, is moisturizer. A big part of having healthy skin is having hydrated skin. When I say hydrated, I don’t mean oily. Therefore, meaning a moisturizer that gives your skin hydration and doesn’t leave behind a sticky or oily residue. I love Ponds Dry Skin Cream as it provides my skin with the exact amount of moisture to not make me feel dry and not make me look like I have vegetable oil dripping from my face.


A little goes a long way with each of these products, so only a small amount needed per application. Also, use circular motions to massage each product into the skin. 

Beautiful skin is not unachievable and doesn't have to be expensive with this routine coming out to a grand total of $15; yet, it does take persistence and patience. With the right research and consistency in use, beautiful healthy skin is in your reach.

Comment below with products that you have found work well for your skin type. 

P.S. I've just recently began incorporating Vitamin C Serum in my regimen to promote even skin tone along with more hydration. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes!